Chasing Tail

by Wabbit

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Wabbit is:
Severn Henry - Vocals, Guitar
David Ludwig - Vocals, Bass
Craig Messenger - Drums


released May 1, 2010

Produced by Anthony Pirog and Wabbit
Recorded by Ben McCall and Kevin Gutierrez
Mixed by Kevin Gutierrez
Recorded and Mixed at Assembly Line Studios Vienna, VA
Mastered by Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions, Inc. Arlington, VA
Album artwork and layout by James McCue



all rights reserved


Wabbit Potomac, Maryland

Wabbit is:
Severn Henry -Vocals, Guitar
David Ludwig -Vocals, Bass
Craig Messenger - Drums

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Track Name: Gun
This time I won't let you
This time I won't fall
Fall for that same trick again
You're running out of hares
In your hat of lies
It's only a matter of time (it's only a matter of time)
Before I confess under duress

How do you like it on the other side of the gun?
Why the long face? This isn't over, let's have some fun.

I see you waiting
Waiting for your time to attack
It's invigorating; each bullet;
Reminding me to live
You see, this is what I live for
And I won't back down
You made me who I am today aren't you so proud?

How do you like it on the other side of the gun?
Why the long face? This isn't over, it's just begun.
Track Name: No Reservations
I'm sorry sir we have to go
We're all booked up; it's not personal at all
This epidemic controls us
We have no say or opinion
We have to go, you surely know that it must occur

Time's running out
I must concur
Anticipation at its worst
We all seek truth in a world of fiction
When can we see under the mask?

I told you so
It just begun
We all have been so forsaken
Every man for himself
All possessions have become useless now
We have to go you surely know that it must occur
Track Name: The End of a Tragic Story
Dying in the headlights
When you are blinded by the unmistaken sound
This feeling of insanity
As you go flying to, flying to the ground
You're a hopeless being
One that's left, one that's left to die

All these thoughts running through your head
So many problems yet they're all unsaid
If I get out of here alive (if I get out of here alive)
A problem though - I won't survive
On my own
Track Name: Godsend
Just being with you makes my day I wish I could give you my love
But I'm just an ugly gander And you're a beautiful dove.
Don't let me into your life I'll disrupt everything with my obnoxious voice
I'll run away when you need me the most Why pick me as your choice?

In the inside I'm just frightened
By the fact that I might hurt another again
You taunt me with these quixotic ideas
You are my godsend

Perhaps you will teach me that love isn't a fairy tale
That opposites attract each other
That we won't be moved by just any gale
I won't be able to bag out of this one
But that's just fine with me
You planted a seed I can't replace
That will grow indispensable in me.
Track Name: Without a Trace
It'd be nice to have a message
It'd be nice for a wake up call
Lost the girl who's opened my mind
Now she's gone; the ending of a great, great song

She's gone
No doubt
She left me alone
Without a trace

I would like to know the story
Would you like to know the truth behind it all?
I left her before she left me
I didn't know; was to blind to see
Track Name: Mistake
Please wait for me until I'm there.
I'm not far off so please don't leave.
I had to take care of some things
but you're more important than them.

I made a mistake, please forgive me.
But it doesn't matter though 'cause you won't hear me.

I would understand if you leave me.
I am just a lost cause with no feelings.
Choices are thrown at me like throwing knives,
but I guess the worst ones stab me in the back.

I made a mistake, please forgive me.
But it doesn't matter though 'cause you won't hear me.
I was teasin' and pleasin' and I got no reason
To end this love that we both have
Give me one more shot I won't give up
Just come back home.
Track Name: Late
This pain I feel no drugs could ever mend
It's as if a rabid beast is tearing its way out of my chest
I'm filled with every emotion but satisfaction
Why did I realize I love you when you're already taken?

What keeps kicking away at me is that you should be with me not him
But I don't want to regret the way I spent my time with you
I just keep on hoping that one day you'll realize that
I was just a bit late.

From my view I see you two not even sitting together.
Why even go out?
If you were mine, I'd hold you tight every chance I got. But knowing
me, I'll probably never get that chance.

I don't wanna live my life like that
I don't wanna get second place again
I can't stand the thought of being without you
Track Name: Save Yourself
It's been a long time since I have seen you here
This place looks different but the memories are so clear
And I don't know about you but I'm still the same
Until my death I'll proclaim my own self to blame

I've had a long time now to mourn
My thoughts are were strong but now they're torn

I wish I could tell you all that's happened recently
So I could aid you in those times when you most needed me
But now you're gone and there's now way I can turn back
I hope you turn a blind eye as I slowly fade to black

I've had a long time now to mourn
My thoughts were strong but now they're torn
When you're okay I'm not alright
I want you caught up in this plight
You cannot save yourself from me

I really need a bit more time
It still hasn't passed me and my mind
Track Name: Memories
Another day goes by I don't want to see this memory any more than you
No real reason to even try to get it out because it's just so hard to
See the screw break away from one miscalculation we overlooked
Now our little shack is falling apart 'cause we lost our hearts
And where is the passion?

It started off as a brilliant plan to try to make everything right
The hope faded away after 8 days at the institution
We buried our love, called it death from above
It tried to escape and now it suffocates
One the idea of true love and the things that you said
You thought it wasn't enough
And with this you fled away

You took this one last shot of our love and tossed it aside
I had to support you in all the things that you do
But like the person you've always been
You took my ideas and threw me down

You treated my love like it was a game and overplayed
You thought it was fun to take my emotions and feelings too
But like the person you've never been
You left me a goner, cold and alone
Track Name: Confession
I know this may sound cliche but I've never seen you as stunning as
today. From my balcony I can see the endless streams
of lights rarely seen but your figure radiates more than any beam of light.

So let me, if I may, these might be the last words I say: you are the
only thing in this world I love so stay with me.

Just as I thought this city gives it's last breathe and we are face
to face with Mr. Death. But I have no regrets thanks to you, I didn't
die alone. Now take my hand and lets head home as one.

So let me, say again, those were the last words that I said. You are
the only thing in that world I loved and you're here with me.
Track Name: Give it a Go
To whom it may concern
It hurts for me to tell you
This place was my life and I will never forget it
These bonds that I have made, these steps that I did take
From this form of encouragement
From you all who I'll truly miss

So let me tell you from the deepest of my heart
I must say

I feel that it's the best solution and I'll write back to you all
Don't worry about tomorrow because it will all blow off
I hope you'll see me in the future and maintain positive life
Treasure these moments that you'll have and keep everything in strife

As you already know, it's time for me to go
Away to a new place that looks like heaven on earth
A peaceful place I see, in perfect harmony
It won't be the last time that you will surely hear from me

Don't feel compelled to lose control
Leaving this place I used to call home
It's so nice to be in this room
(There comes a point in time when you feel like you're in heaven)
Looking out the apartment view
(Things like these are only seen in dreams and I have found it)
Tell them so long it's been real fun
(I'm about to go it's hard I know but I feel ready to move on)
But to me new life has begun
(And I've loved this place since I was a kid and I'll never forget it but I'll have to move on)
Track Name: Intergalactic Disco
You won't believe what I saw the other day
A map to the peak of the world
It can be your sanctuary anytime you like, anytime of your life

Close your eyes, click your heels three times
and you will fly to the highway of your dreams
Don't think vague, don't think vague
Open your mind and take yourself away

All you have to do is imagine and it will happen, and it will be done
I know it's hard for you to give up all these things you trust
and think about so much

Close your eyes and think about the future
the paradise, you will have
Don't think twice, don't think twice
Open your mind and step into eternity